Display All The Claims For A User Visiting Your .NET Core Azure Web App

Regular visitors of this blog are used to seeing PowerShell and DevOps content, and this is a little bit of a divergence since it’s written in C#, and it’s a .NET Core MVC Azure Web App, but if it found itself on my plate, maybe it will find itself on yours. I was tasked with writing an Azure Web App that users would visit, sign into using their Azure Active Directory (ie: “Work or School”) account, to test if their Conditional Access and MFA was configured properly. Once logged in, a little information about the user is displayed.

Here’s how to pop all the claim information for an authenticated user into a Razor Page.

I decided to put the whole thing into an HTML table in order to make it a bit more readable. It’s kind of a challenge to differentiate between the claim name and the value if they aren’t aligned nicely. From there, make sure you’re using System.Security.Claims, and you can write yourself this foreach loop.

    @foreach (var claim in ((ClaimsIdentity)User.Identity).Claims)

It’s not a big mind blower. This is a .cshtml document, so we can write HTML and mix in some inline C#. Using the ClaimsIdentity class, we can write a foreach loop for each claim in the identity of the currently logged in user. This assumes that the user isn’t logged in more than once (ie: Facebook and Twitter and Azure AD).

Then I’m making a new row in my table for each claim, and separate cells for the claim type, which is the name of the claim, and the claim value.

Nice and concise!

Written on May 23, 2018