PowerHour - PowerShell Lightning Demos

If you haven’t been to the PowerShell & DevOps Global Summit, let me tell you that the lightning demos are an ultra fun and informative part of the conference. It’s so cool to see what other people are doing with PowerShell that you’d never think of because it’s not what you’re used to working on. I love the fact that PowerShell is so many places, with so much flexibility, that it creates countless opportunities for interesting, meaningful projects.

PowerHour is like a virtual PowerShell user group that meets periodically to do lightning demos. What’s a lightning demo? It’s a 10 minute live demo where you show off something neat that you’re working on or are proud of. It’s super informal, and very free form.

I highly recommend checking them out, and participating if you’re comfortable with that. Check out the PSPowerHour GitHub for more information.

Written on August 15, 2018