Quick Tip - Get All The Security Patches Installed On A Server Since A Specific Date

Recently, I needed to get a list of all the security patches I’d installed on a group of servers in the last year. It turns out that there’s a WMI class for this and it’s super easy to retrieve this info.

get-wmiobject win32_quickfixengineering -ComputerName $CompName | ? { $_.InstalledOn -gt (get-date).addyears(-1) }

In the win32_quickfixengineering class, you’ll find all the security patches installed on a system. One of the properties is the InstalledOn attribute which more recent than a year ago.

If you have a list of servers to do this for, this is still really easy.

$svrs = @"

$svrs.split("`n") | % { get-wmiobject win32_quickfixengineering -ComputerName $_.trim() | ? { $_.InstalledOn -lt (get-date).addyears(-1) } }

Just paste them into a here-string and execute this for each of them.

Written on October 26, 2016